Cartridge Needles Tattoo Round Magnums 20pcs
Cartridge Needles Tattoo Round Magnums 20pcs
Cartridge Needles Tattoo Round Magnums 20pcs
Cartridge Needles Tattoo Round Magnums 20pcs
Tattoo Needles

Cartridge Needles Tattoo Round Magnums 20pcs


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Size: 1205RM
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Product description


About the tattoo needle cartridges

  • Anti-backflow Membrane: Wormhole tattoo cartridge needles loaded membrane to prevent backflow, which prevents pigment and dirt from entering the motor or client. allowing artists to enjoy a more fluid tattooing procedure.
  • Safe to Use: The cartridge needles are made of high material PVC and high-quality stainless steel, precisely assembled in a clean environment. Cartridge needles are individually packed in sealed bags.
  • Strong Compatibility: The wormhole Tattoo cartridge needle has a standard size, and can be compatible with all cartridge grips and pen-style tattoo machines. Easily twist to complete the assembly.
  • Best Design: Sleeker design and transparent housing for better visibility. Have a smooth linear action which gives a smoother needle flow with less tension and faster retraction, which allows the tattoo machine and needles to run smoother overall.
  • The unique design of the tattoo tips can help get more tattoo pigment, and no ink spit when working


Cartridge Needles

    Medical Stainless Steel

    Cartridge Needles

    Fast coloring
    Safe and health
    Strong CompatibilityCartridge Needles

    Tattoo Cartridges Compatible with Most Tattoo Pens.

    Transparent and wear-resistant PVC

    Plastic Case

    A transparent case allows you to see the ink inside when working.Cartridge NeedlesCartridge Needles


    Fine workmanship
    Mixed size,
    Fast coloring, and working stably.
    Clean and Safe


    Packed and sterilized individually.
    Cartridge Needles
    Cartridge Needles
    316 medical stainless steel Needles
    Membrane Prevents Ink from flowing back.

    Cartridge Needles

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