Tattoo Pen Kit with 20 Cartridge Needles
Tattoo Pen Kit with 20 Cartridge Needles
Tattoo Pen Kit with 20 Cartridge Needles
Tattoo Pen Kit with 20 Cartridge Needles

Tattoo Pen Kit with 20 Cartridge Needles

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Product description


  1. The Puppy Love tattoo pen is made of aircraft-grade aluminum. It adopts CNC integrated carving process, which makes sure machine parts are wear-resistant.
  2. The tattoo pen adopts an advanced direct drive system that is more powerful, precise, fast coloring, and quiet operation.
  3. 10000 revolutions per minute at 10V. Only weighs 134g.
  4. This rotary tattoo machine is compatible with most needle types.
  5. Easy to disassemble for easy cleaning.
  6. Needle depth up to 3.6 mm, with a 3.6mm stroke.
  7. Tattoo pen length: 90mm, tattoo pen grip diameter: 31mm

Why This Tattoo Pen Kit

a. Thick tattoo practice skin (3mm thick) is better for beginners to practice tattooing.
b. For tattoo apprentices, its price is affordable. If it is your first tattoo pen, then it will witness you becoming a true tattoo artist, for it comes with 12 month warranty.

Tattoo Pen Kit Includes

1 X Tattoo pen
1 X Tattoo power supply
20 X Tattoo needle cartridges (3RL 5RL 5RM 7RM)
8X Tattoo Ink (30ML)
2 X Thick blank practice skin (3mm thick)
2 X Transfer Paper
1 X Foot Pedal
2 X Tattoo pen bandage
20 x Small size ink cups with base
20 x Medium size ink cups with base
1 X Ointment
1 X Disposable gloves

What can we use with a 3.6mm stroke?

A tattoo pen with a medium stroke (3.6mm) is best for packing color and blending. It has enough power for lining with smaller needle groupings, but it will struggle with larger ones. You can also do some black and grey (but not ultra-smooth portraits that require several passes).

Tattoo Pen Warranty

Wormhole tattoo pen and power supply come with a 12-month warranty.

Tattoo Tips for Beginners

  1. Round liner (marked RL) tattoo needles are used to make lines and details since they are packed tightly.
  2. Round magnum needles (marked RM) are used for shading and color fill. Compared with weaved magnum needles or flat needles, round magnums conform better to the skin, giving a more consistent line, better ink dispersion, and more minor skin damage.
  3. Please do not tattoo on human skin if you are not a professional tattoo artist. You may hurt yourself. If you still want to tattoo on natural skin, you had better buy professional tattoo ink which can stick to the skin better than the one in the kit.

Notice: This tattoo kit is only for use by adults. Without guardian permission, children and teenagers are not allowed to buy tattoo equipment.

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Why TattooPenSop?

To put it in the simplest of terms: 

Firstly, whether you are a tattoo enthusiast, a tattoo artist or a tattoo new fish, we serve every customer with a 100% sincere heart.

Secondly, we have our own tattoo machine factory and clean room to make tattoo needles, through their own strength to develop better products for customers, although each customer's standards are different, we do our best to improve customer satisfaction.

Thirdly, we have three levels of products, such as beginner tattooist products, intermediate tattooist products and advanced tattooist products, so we understand each level of the tattooist, and we know what kind of products they need, what kind of features they need and what kind of performance they need.

Whether you have used our products or not, whether you have placed an order in our shop or not, as long as you like tattooing, you will always be our customer.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
miguel najera
Great machine!!!

Very good for lines and detail work, really impressed with this machine and completely satisfied with the results.

Kirivudy Soy
Very good tattoo pen kit

Very good starter kit for beginners. Cheap affordable wireless battery pack also.

Not bad for beginning

Not a bad little machine it wasn’t horrible I don’t know maybe it was the person giving me the tattoo but it didn’t hurt as bad as I thought and for the price, ehhhh not to shabby :)

Pretty cool what you get for such a low price!

This is a really nice set! I couldn’t believe everything that came with it. I knew buying this I’m not a tattoo artist but would be able to do some baby tattoos and I’m really pleased.


Everything came in greatly package and organized. Its easy to use and light while working. I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT. The color and the way it performs.