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Product description

About the Tattoo Pen

  1. This wireless tattoo pen is made of aircraft-grade aluminum. It adopts CNC integrated carving process, which makes sure machine parts are wear-resistant.
  2. The CSP06 tattoo pen adopts a brushless motor and works powerfully. Generally, its service life is more than 3000 hours.
  3. 10000 Revolutions Per Minute at 8V. The working voltage is 6-8V.
  4. Tattoo pen length: 87mm. Tattoo pen grip diameter: 24mm
  5. The depth is up to 2.8mm, with a 2.8mm stroke length
  6. A short stroke length (1.8-2.8mm) means your needles are going to move slowly, retract less, and hit softly. short strokes are perfect for soft shading and blending work. Tattoo artists who specialize in hyperrealism and black & grey count on soft stroke lengths a lot to get those smooth, seamless blends

About the Wireless Battery

The battery lasts for 6 hours of work and takes 3 hours to recharge from empty. Working voltage: 6-11V. Battery capacity: 1200MAH

Why Wireless Tattoo Pen

  1. Say goodbye to the clip cord and foot pedal. The battery keeps the machine perfectly balanced.
  2. Excellent for travel.  It comes with a type-C cable. but you might want a second battery to keep the machine going all day long.

Why use a brushless motor?

“The advantages of a brushless motor over brushed motors are high power-to-weight ratio, high speed, nearly instantaneous control of speed (rpm) and torque, high efficiency, and low maintenance.”–Wikipedia

Package Includes

1 X Tattoo pen
1 X Wireless Tattoo Battery
2 X Tattoo pen bandage
1 X Disposable gloves
10X Tattoo Professioanl Ink (5ML)
2 X Thick blank practice skin (3mm thick)
1 X Ointment
40 x Ink cups with base
2X Tattoo stencil paper
20 X Tattoo needle cartridges (3RL 5RL 5RM 7RM)


The wormhole tattoo pen comes with a 1-year warranty.

Advice for You

You had better choose a Wormhole wireless tattoo battery (tattoo power supply) for this pen if you want a second one.

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Why TattooPenSop?

To put it in the simplest of terms: 

Firstly, whether you are a tattoo enthusiast, a tattoo artist or a tattoo new fish, we serve every customer with a 100% sincere heart.

Secondly, we have our own tattoo machine factory and clean room to make tattoo needles, through their own strength to develop better products for customers, although each customer's standards are different, we do our best to improve customer satisfaction.

Thirdly, we have three levels of products, such as beginner tattooist products, intermediate tattooist products and advanced tattooist products, so we understand each level of the tattooist, and we know what kind of products they need, what kind of features they need and what kind of performance they need.

Whether you have used our products or not, whether you have placed an order in our shop or not, as long as you like tattooing, you will always be our customer.

Customer Reviews

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Small and easy to use

I had given up on finding a smaller tattoo gun that actually worked so i ordered this one simply because it was there. When it came in i opened it and got so excited that it was perfect for my hand. Been testing it out all day and the battery is still full. I am very satisfied with my purchase